Hair at 2015 Oscars

This year the Oscar Awards were dominated by very severe scraped back hair, mostly with  center partings and to be honest, that style of hair suits very few people and this rang true even at an event full of very beautiful women.


Despite our criticism of this style Lady Gaga totally carries it off, is it the hair accessory that softens this look ?


Zoe Saldana’s soft waves make this ‘up do’ very pretty.

oscars-2015 sienna-miller-w540

Sienna Miller’s ‘do’ was softened, we think, by the twists giving a little width at the side.

There were some great short hair cuts at the awards this year too. Could real hair cuts  be back !

lily collins oscars 2015


Lily Collins looks great with this tousled short cut.


Jennifer Hudson rocks this sleek short cut, fabulous.

Goldens Globes 2015

The 2015 Golden Globes Awards night was ruled by Bobs, choppy, wavy and sleek Bobs.

Is this THE cut for 2015 ?


Zosia Mamet went with a retro waved Bob


Sienna Miller wore a fab short choppy Bob


Rosamund Pikes Bob was beautifully sleek

lena dunham

Lena Dunham also wore her Bob sleek and shiny, with her fringe swept away for the evening.

emma stone

Emma Stone wore her Bob tousled and wavy, the copper colour looks great on her too.

Winter has arrived

Winter has finally arrived after we were treated to a beautifully mild autumn.
But it is now cold and damp, which causes problems for those of you with curly
hair prone to being frizzy, along with those who have with grey hair which is a little
coarse and fuzzy.

Mink recommends two products for these seasonal problems,

one of these is OCS Argan Oil Gloss. Rub a pea sized amount of the product into your hands, then smooth through midlengths and ends of your hair after towel drying shampooed hair or after spritzing dry hair with water on a day when you don’t wish to shampoo your hair. Here at Mink we find this product suits hair of a coarse texture. It is also a good product to apply before blow drying curly hair straight.

The second of these products is OCS Aqua Boost Leave in Conditioner. Some of you prefer a light conditioner which can be left in the hair, this too will help combat frizz on a damp winters day. Again smooth a small amount through midlengths and ends of your hair after towel drying shampooed hair or after spritzing hair with water to perk up the curls after you have slept. Here at Mink we would recommend this product for those with softer textured curly hair. A tiny amount rubbed into hands is excellent to smooth down ‘fly away’ hairs after blow drying or after fulling on a jumper !

Michael Gordon’s celebration of the ‘Bob’ hair cut

Mink have just watched this fabulous little YouTube film by Bumble and Bumble founder Michael Gordon. We found it on Vogue Uk’s website.

In just over 2 minutes it’s a celebration of a great hair cut and it’s history.

The Bob can be sharp and dramatic or shaggy and tousled, the wearer always looks individual, everyone how ever they style their ‘bob’, makes it their own. An above the shoulder Bob always turns heads.

Retro inspired hair at BAFTAs 2014

Here at Mink we loved the vintage hair on show at the bafta awards at the weekend.

Award winner Olivia Coleman’s 20s inspired waves looked really sophisticated, we like Olivia’s hair cropped short best, so this finger waved style suits her beautifully.

We couldn’t decide if Fearne Cotton’s hair reminded us more of  Studio 54’s disco era or a if it’s a nod to 40s Marlene Dietrich ? Either way the style is cool glamour.

Do we love the hair style or the shades ? Definitely inspired by the glamour puss Liz Taylor, who Helena Bonham Carter played in ‘Burton and Taylor’. Very 60s cocktail hour !

Mink’s favourite hair from the Met Gala 2014

At the Met Gala in New York this year there was a lot of really good hair to go with those stunning frocks, our top favourite, as ever, was SJP she always turns up with a fabulous hair ‘do’, we really must find out who creates these styles for her, she’s always a knock out



We also loved Rihanna’s hair, a beautiful tumble of casual waves and curls.


Even though it wasn’t an ‘up do’ we liked Katie Holmes hair waved like this, it’s probably a little understated for an event like this, but it stood out for us.

Mink’s good hair picks from the Golden Globes and the Grammys

Unfortunately here at Mink we found the Golden Globes a bit boring in terms of great hair, but still there was some fabulous ‘up dos’, our favourites were Amber Heard and Julia Roberts for their glamourous, old school looks . . .


On the Grammys red carpet we were checking out good hair colour and even though she didn’t get very complimentary comments we really liked Bonnie McKee’s hair

and we continue to love Kelly Osbourne’s lilac shade.

We thought Cyndi Lauper’s colour and ‘up do’ was fabulous.

We decided out of our Grammy favourites Beyonce’s hair colour looks a bit ‘safe’,

but we loved it all the same.


Million Pound ‘Up Do’

Last week Graff Jewellers recreated their 1970 “hair jewel” photo shoot, back in 1970 the model’s hair was decorated with $1million worth of diamonds, this time around the model was adorned with $500million worth of diamonds !

Liz Taylor eat your heart out !