Hair news from Oscars and Baftas 2016

This years big awards ceremonies seemed to be dominated by hair worn loose and really quite casual.


Kate Winslett wore her hair loose at both awards shows this year.


Gemma Chan at this years Baftas, we love the rich colour.

saoirse ronan oscars

Saoirse Ronan’s loose casual waves at this years Oscars, we also liked her contrasting earrings !


Back at the Baftas, Dakota Johnson’s hair was very casual, the colour is great though,

margot robbie oscars

as was Margot Robbie’s hair at the Oscars, a totally un-done look, is California casual creeping onto the awards red carpet ?

alicia vikander oscars

A couple of great actresses were wearing there hair half up/half down, Alicia Vikander seen here with a tiny bun to pull back the top section of her hair

brie larson oscars

and Brie Larson’s hair was worn similarly pulled back with a beautiful hair accessory.

At first glance we thought Kerry Washington was also wearing her hair in a half up/half down ‘do’, but it was a ponytail dressed up with waves and height left through the top so it doesn’t appear severe.

farrell williams oscars

We do tend to ignore men’s hair here on the blog, sorry ! but we did notice at the Oscars Farrell Williams has bleached his hair, was it done for the awards ?

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