Please turn down your heated hairstylers.

 Recently we were reading about the temperatures reached by various heated hair straighteners and it has been written that the perfect temperature for producing straight shiny hair with irons is 185 degrees celsius (365 fahrenheit).

Hair straighteners, curling tongs and other heated waving stylers can reach temperatures of between 95C and 200C.

If you heat your hair above 130C some very damaging effects happen.

The pigment inside your hair (it’s colour) decomposes, bleached hair can turn yellow, if it doesn’t break ! brunettes lose their richness and depth. The keratin protein which gives hair its strength and stretch breaks down and melts. The outer surface of your hair (the cuticle) cracks and splits. Moisture contained inside your hair which makes it feel soft and gives it elasticity, evaporates and if you use these styling tools on wet hair, the steam produced destroys your hairs structure as it escapes.

So the conclusion of this information is, please turn down the temperature on your straighteners and never use them on wet or damp hair to save time !