Tips for blow drying at home

A lot of clients tell us they have no patience to blow dry at home, even though they would love to have their hair look as it does when their hairdresser has done it.

So here are some tips to help make it a shorter process.

Is your hairdryer a bit weedy, is the air produced powerful enough to dry hair quickly ? Your local salon may retail decent hairdryers or try Salon Services.

If you think your hair is a bit too soft and fluffy when first washed you may need to apply some product to give the hair some structure and weight. We would recommend Organic Control Systems – Glaze.

Always rough dry before you start styling, you can not remove the water and style at the same time, this is what makes blow drying time consuming, rough dry till 80% dry.

Divide your hair into sections to style, maybe 3 or 4. For extra root lift you could spray some extra product on your brush and brush it through each section as you’re styling them, we would recommend OCS – Root Lift. Using a nozzle on your dryer direct the hair dryer under section for body and on top of section roots to ends to smooth, without a nozzle the air will blow your hair without any control, leaving it looking frizzy. Lower heat to cold to set shape into hair and the cold setting can calm those short fly-way hairs on top when you have finished.

A large-ish round bristle brush or ceramic brush will give you body, root lift and waves. A paddle brush or Denman will achieve a smoother straight finish.

In winter those of you with curly hair, who prefer to leave their hair to dry with out a dryer, may benefit from buying a diffuser and used with the air speed of your dryer on slow, can mimic leaving your hair to dry without getting a cold head and neck.

We hope these tips are helpful and with practice your hair should look fabulous.